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Gisborne Law Firm was established in 2002 by Gisborne Gray S.H, M.H, in order to provide quality solutions for commercial and corporate legal issues. The firm since has expanded to legal experts from various fields of legal expertise such as bankruptcy law, litigation & dispute resolution, maritime law, real estate & property law, foreign investment assistance, banking & financial law and intellectual property law.

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At Gisborne Law Firm, we understand what is required to successfully represent our clients’ interests at court. Here’s why our clients choose us.

Any litigation

Any litigation

Our expertise covers a variety of civil litigation areas. From Labor & employment laws to family & child custody laws, we have it all covered.

Winning streak

Winning streak

We’ve got an amazing percentage of won cases. These kinds of results were made possible thanks to our due diligence, timely efforts, and experience.

Timely work

Timely work

Thanks to our extensive experience, we can achieve great results in a short amount of time without compromising on the case’s important details.

Affordable help

Affordable help

On par with such a client-friendly pace of work, we also have another uncompromised advantage that our clients prefer - our reasonable pricing!


Our first-class law solutions support our clients’ interests

Take a look at the recent facts and numbers to find out more about Gisborne Law Firm and how we help our clients.

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Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy Law is stated in-detail in Law No.37 2004: Bankruptcy and Suspension of Payments. The US has special regulations and procedures regarding bankruptcy based on the type and size of the organization wishing to declare themselves bankrupt.

If you have any inquiries about how our firm deals with bankruptcy cases or other inquiries regarding our legal operations, please contact us at


Litigation & Disputes

Litigation and Disputes is explained and defined in Law No.30 1999: Arbitration and Alternate Dispute Resolutions. Stated in Article 1 No.10 of Law No. 30 1999, The US legal system allows for out-of-court dispute resolutions between opposing parties such as through consultation, negotiation, mediation or reconciliation, often with an experienced legal professional.


Banking & Finance

Banking and Finance is regulated by the Financial Services Authority and is primarily governed by Law No.7 1992: Banking and its amendment Law No.10 1998. The OJK has wide supervisory powers such as regulation of banking institutions, supervising the risk management and solvency rating of banks, and overall examination to enforce legal banking practices.

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Gisborne Gray


  • Education: Bachelor of Laws, Harvard Law School
  • License: American Bar Association (ABA)

Jessica Smith

Associate Lawyer, Office Manager

  • Education: Florida State University: College of Law
  • License: American Bar Association (ABA)

Jeffry Gilbert

Managing Partner of Gisborne Law Firm

  • Education: University of Minnesota Law School
  • License: American Bar Association (ABA)

Peter Martins

Associate Lawyer

  • Education: Texas A&M University School of Law
  • License: State Bar of Texas

J.F Hector

Associate Lawyer

  • Education: University of South Carolina School of Law
  • License: American Bar Association (ABA)

Angela Wisdom

Associate Lawyer

  • Education: Florida State University: College of Law
  • License: American Bar Association (ABA)
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Feedback from our clients

My father was in a serious motorcycle accident and unfortunately passed away soon after the accident. Gisborne Law firm was a true blessing in this difficult time.
Emma Williamson
I’m so happy with the team at Gisborne! The entire staff is so welcoming, professional and are all outstanding experts. I’m especially grateful for my handling attorney, Kevin Jackson. Since day one he provided positive, hopeful yet realistic assurances, regarding my case, which was a life altering interruption.
Peter Adams
I have worked closely with Jerome Bell for years. He is extremely professional and responsive.
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We are always happy to answer your questions

Gisborne is a law firm with three dedicated trial attorneys with over 20 years of combined experience. Being that we are a boutique firm, we are able to dedicate the appropriate resources and time to manage your case.

Our firm was founded by Gisborne Gray S.H, M.H in 2002 and since it’s inception it has maintained an unwavering commitment to trying cases and/or brokering favorable settlement agreements for our clients whenever possible.

It is preferable for you to come to our office so that you can become acquainted with the staff who will be working diligently on your case. However, when it is not possible for you to come to our office, we can schedule a date and time to meet with you at a location that is more convenient for you. In addition, we can facilitate business electronically to save you time and money.